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wind farm map

Wind Farms solar farm Solar Power

hydro power plants

Hydro power

Wave and tidal energy

Wave & Tidal Energy
energy from waste Energy from Waste renewable energy projects installed over the years Project List by Date
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Major Wind / Solar / Hydro etc: 51,222.76 MW

FIT Capacity, Feed in Tariffs:

Live Wind Farm Actual and Forecast Output Graph

   Renewables by County:

Other Renewable Energy Resources

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    restats repd Renewable energy statistics reneable energy project data REPD / RESTATS Data.
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Compare the effectivenesss of wind turbines based on the capacity factor of the project.

Use Capacity Factor Comparison to see how wind turbines compare in the real world over many years, month by month. All wind turbines are clearly not the same.

Renewables Map is possibly the only resource that links wind turbine make and model directly to capacity factor for all projects over 500kW.

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Renewable Energy Project Totals and Capacity

Renewable Energy Totals (major Projects) All renewable energy Hydro Waste Wind Solar
projects Capacity Projects Capacity Projects Capacity Projects Capacity Turbines Projects Capacity
Active: 3480 51222 184 4380 381 1881 1163 32244 11987 1203 8685
Agreed / Building: 313 30649 7 19 28 610 104 19342 891 112 1523
Proposed: 673 26962 48 1220 57 514 300 16926 2461 176 1919
Total potential 4466 108833 239 5620 466 3006 1567 68513 15339 1491 12129
Refused below only shows a limited sample of refused schemes        
Refused: 238 7633 0 0 7 155 175 6711 527 49 685
Total Sites Listed 4704 116466 239 5620 473 3162 1742 75224 15866 1540 12814
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Current News Listing
UK Firm to Design Polish Offshore Wind Farm
Polish energy company PKN Orlen has selected the UK-based Offshore Design Engineering (ODE) to carry out preliminary technical and construction design of an offshore wind farm in the Baltic Sea.
Major energy revolution is visible on the horizon
Formerly known as DONG, Danish energy firm Ørsted has managed to move away from coal, gas and oil to reinvent itself in the renewables market – and now aims for carbon neutrality by 2025. By Anthony Harrington
Iberdrola’s largest wind farm comes into operation: East Anglia ONE, in UK water
Iberdrola, through its subsidiary ScottishPower Renewables, has put into operation what is now the largest wind farm in its history and one of the world’s largest of its kind: the East Anglia ONE offshore wind farm in British waters in the North Sea.
Bladt Starts Shipping Out Hornsea Two Hardware
Bladt Industries has loaded out the first six out of the 135 anode cages built for the 1.4 GW Hornsea Project Two offshore wind farm.
Britain’s biggest solar farm – Cleve Hill
Britain's biggest solar farm sprawling the size of 600 football pitches will be capable of generating enough electricity to power more than 91,000 homes.

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