Capacity Factor Comparison.

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The data below takes the RO (from OFGEM) as a representation of the output each month, the capacity associated with each project, to gauge the capacity factor per month for each project. We know the turbine make and model for each project so can link capacity factor to the turbine type.

The data is then shown as an average for that month. So, where a project might have been generating for 6 years, each month shows the average capacity factor - or effectivness - for that turbine type, for that month averaged over 6 years.

More data will be added to give a better idea of how best to compare this information between turbines.e.g. Avg elevation, diameter, total projects, 1st year of use, total turbines

Make/ModelVestas V27Vestas V42Vestas V44Vestas V47/660
Install Span:1992 - 20141992 - 19971998 - 19991997 - 2015 - -
Projects / Turbines / Capacity3 / 16 / 3.74 / 55 / 242 / 7 / 4.217 / 144 / 729.74 / / / /

Capacity Factor Comparison

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