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To register as a user, please click here. This will automatically provide access to Hydro and Wave / Tidal energy schemes that are recorded on Renewables Map.

It will also retain access to basic data for other renewable energy projects.

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NB. The login is currently focused on Wave and Tidal pending expansion to cover all projects

The subscribed area now enables access to a whole load of additional data, ways to use it and strong input into how the map develops - login limited to wave and tide.

CSV download working ready for Subscribed accounts coming soon

Owner, Operator, Developer, Installer name and address details, select by project or multiple projects by company.

All wind turbines by: manufacturer, make, size, hub height, elevation

Projects by county and / or Country: England, Northern Ireland; Scotland; Wales.

Multiple select by just about all data

Requests for additional data

Larger Maps with data suitable for printing

Data Downloads in csv format

Stored maps

Virtual Projects Mapped

Maintaining private data - now testing

Maintaining public dataa - now testing


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