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Renewables Map Project Lists

All projects are cross referenced to DECC and OFGEM datasets.

Ofgem REGO includes monthly output data and capacity factor.

Projects include cross reference to operator and developer.

  • Wind Farms
    Both onshore and Off shore wind farms with exact location of Turbines, Make and model of turbines, elevations, hub heights and technical details. Option to add a wind speed a calculate potential output of that Wind farm based on start / stop and optimum speeds.

  • Solar Power
    Exact location of solar farms, capacity

  • Hydro
    Exact location of Hydro Power schemes and capacity

  • Energy from Waste
    Includes EFW (General Energy from Waste )based on incineration, EFW from LandFill gas and EFW from (AD) Anearobic Digestion.

  • Wave & Tidal Power
    Wave and Tidal energy is currently combined while it moves from development into production systems. Exact location of the generator is not necessarily available, approximate locations are given.

  • CHP
    CHP is not currently detailed to any great extent on Renewables Map.

  • Biomass
    Biomass is not currently detailed to any great extent on Renewables Map.


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