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What do I get if I Subscribe?

Very simply, you have full access to all data held on that type of project, accessed through Maps or .

How secure is my investment? How accurate is it, what about updates ?

My Blog entry on Data Accuracy

RM (Renewables Map) has been running since 2008, Figures are based on 13th February 2017:

Wind Farms

RM lists 1156 live wind farm or turbine projects of which 550 are over 1MW

RM cross references to 100% of DECC projects.

RM combines initial project, any extensions even where they are given distinct names, also projects that are initially refused. An example would be Withernwick. RM shows simply "Withernwick" DECC will show 3 projects: The initial withdrawn project, the initial built project and the extension.

The same cross referencing applies to OFGEM data. 100% of OFGEM wind projects over 1MW are cross referenced to an RM project.

RM is now adding wind projects from 0.5MW upwards, over 200 so far.

All active Wind farms show: Exact project and turbine Latitude, Longitude and Elevation. Make and Model of turbines, hub height, turbine and overall capacity, cross reference and display of DECC and OFGEM data including REGO / RO payments and statements.

Wind Turbines

RM is the ONLY resource that has just about all wind turbines by make and model for projects over 1MW

(Feb 2017) 15,243 Turbines listed of which 11,546 are live and of them 95% have the make and model identified.

That is 99% !

Solar Farms

RM currently lists almost 1,200 live solar farms.)

Now adding solar farms from 0.5MW upwards

Because of the way that RM lists one project site covering multiple "projects" a like for like comparison between simple numbers with DECC's dataset would show significant ly more solar projects associated with RM. See my comments about Wind Farms above. eg RM shows BrookHall as a single project, DECC will show the initial proposal and the resubmission. (both these are listed on the same RM project page).

OFGEM: In an extreme case, Drayton solar farm has multiple Ofgem projects linked to it. The overall Drayton manor Farm project is 50MW, this is then reported on the OFGEM site as multiple 5MW projects.

All active solar farms show: Exact project / field Latitude, Longitude and Elevation, overall capacity, cross reference and display of DECC and OFGEM data including REGO / RO payments and statements.

CSV Output

Csv output allows for dowloads of all RM data based on your requirements. The data can be downloaded based on:

Renewables Map data cross referenced to DECC and OFGEM data, see CSV RM

DECC data cross referenced to RM and OFGEM data, see: CSV DECC

OFGEM data cross refernced to RM and DECC data, see: CSV OFGEM

Wind Turbine Data, essentially ALL (98.8%) of live wind turbines on Wind farms over 1MW plus additional proposed, agreed and cancelled turbines over 15,000 turbines see: CSV Wind Turbines

Additional Maps

A larger map suitable for download or printing showing all projects that are within your subscription. See: Printed Map

Use of the Login / Subscription

Where a login is associated with a user in a distinct organisation, eg an educational establishment, local authority or department within a company, There is no objection to that login being shared within that organisation, it is not limited to one user. You might consider what you use as the username.

This might be particularly useful should you be a college student in justifying paid access.

The 1st years fees are:

  • £100 for unrestricted browsing access to Wind, the same for  Solar and £60 for waste.
  • Or £500 each for the above, £300 for waste  which will include full access to csv downloads.
  • Then £500 for the csv downloads for Wind turbine locations (over 11,000 turbine locations) .

See the Subscription page